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For the Pleasure of Learning!

Université du Québec en Outaouais (UQO) is a dynamic university where everyone feels at home. Considered as a university with a human side that promotes learning and reflection, UQO has grown, evolved and adapted its programs to meet the needs of its clientele with proper consideration given to the characteristics of the Canadian national capital region.

As part of the Université du Québec System, UQO can count on educational resources and common services from the biggest university system in Canada.

‘UQO’s location in Gatineau provides obvious geographical and cultural advantages. Indeed, situated right beside Ottawa, our nation’s capital, our university offers unique opportunities to our students, thanks to its multicultural and bilingual surroundings. Gatineau is also known for its excellent quality of life, provided in part by the presence of multiple parks and tranquil green spaces throughout the city.

In January 2010, UQO inaugurated its new campus in Saint-Jérôme in the Laurentides region. The new six story building is situated on the corner of Saint-Joseph and Labelle Street, right in front of city hall. All the necessary amenities, and more, are there : classrooms, research and teaching laboratories, a library, an educational software library, offices for teachers and administrative services, areas for students and auxiliary services such as a cafeteria and a bookstore.

People oriented, with classes made up of small groups of students, UQO gives students the will to learn, build a career and succeed in life. That is what attracts some 6400 registered students, mainly from the Outaouais region, but also from Eastern Ontario, the Maritimes and the rest of the province of Québec. UQO's reputation has grown beyond our borders and the University attracts an increasing number of students from abroad.

A University Involved in the Community

Dynamic and tuned in to the community, UQO is contributing to the social, economic and cultural development of the Outaouais and Laurentides populations. Through the years, close links have been forged with many of their regional organizations.