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Room For Parents


 , The research team of the University of Quebec in Outaouais, in close collaboration with the regional coordinators of the Personal, Family and Community Help Program - 2nd generation (PAPFC2), looked into the development of a tool that could be used in meetings leading to the writing of an individualized intervention plan or a service plan (IIP / ISP). These meetings are an opportunity to conduct a participatory analysis of the needs of children and their families from an ecosystemic perspective and, consequently, to work on the participative planning of interventions (Lafantaisie, V., Caron, J., Couvillon, L. , Bérubé, A., & Lacharité, C., 2020)., The Room for Parents' tool is used to assess the needs of children, the environmental response to these needs and the presence of risk and protective factors in the child's environment. This tool also makes it possible to collect sociodemographic data on families.